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Are you looking for an experienced, custom swimming pool builder in Charleston SC? Count on Charleston Pool Builder for pools, spas, and expert backyard renovations.

Are you looking for an experienced, custom swimming pool builder in Charleston SC? Count on Charleston Pool Builder for pools, spas, and expert backyard renovations.

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Attributes of a Pool Builder Charleston

As time passes by, purchasing a residential unit of our own has been the ultimate dream of almost every individual across the globe. Moreover, whenever people dream, rest assured that it maximizes its content and believe that they would attain the best one yet. Therefore, people may opt to foresee that having a pool space inside their premises is one of the best and most extravagant pieces for their property. It is crucial to have a top-notch pool builder Charleston to thoroughly experience that wonderful vacation-like ambiance inside your home. If you settle for ordinary people when it comes to building your pool space, rest assured that there will be various discrepancies faced along the way.

With that in mind, here are a few of the beneficial factors that you may opt for upon hiring a pool builder Charleston SC.

1. Top-notch Service
When it comes to hiring a licensed professional in the field, rest assured that they will serve you a top-notch performance that will make you feel that all your project expenses are worth it. Thus, you can ensure that these individuals are qualified for the job because of the years of work and service to gain experience. With that being said, you will have the full assurance that the project for your pool space will never be put at stake because it is in the hands of the best people in the industry. Hence, it is also an excellent opportunity to see firsthand the professionals you hired' capabilities and skills.

2. Uses Quality Materials
Upon hiring a pool builder Charleston, best believes that the materials they use for the project's construction are quality, especially if they have a wide range of networks wherein they may opt to seek help in the long run. Thus, it is a clear indication that the quality of work that will be done on your space will be top-notch because of the traits your pool builder entails and the materials used to establish a sturdy recreational area. Rest assured that your pool space may last for at least a decade or so because of how well-built it is, and you can ensure that the money you invested in it will never be put to waste.

3. Allows you to Save Money
With the help of a professional builder in the field, it is best to believe that you may opt to save an ample amount of money because you do not have to constantly seek a maintenance specialist whenever a discrepancy occurs because the quality of the job performed in the pool contractor is top-notch. Therefore, it would be best to always meticulously choose the right people in the field because they can ensure that the quality of the job they may opt to do will never disappoint. Thus, it will allow you to invest your money in various essential matters, such as starting an enterprise because your pool space is not high maintenance unless it is too old to function.

4. Knowledgeable about the Chemicals Used
If you have a pool space in your area, rest assured that it may opt to need the use of various chemicals since it prevents different bacteria from lingering around the room. Therefore, with the help of a pool builder professional, rest assured that they can teach you the number of chemicals that will be put in and the perfect brands for your space. Hence, it is a prime indicator that your family's welfare will never be put at stake while having fun at the same time.

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Pool Construction Charleston

A swimming pool is an investment in a house. We help our clients plan their pool designs, and then we put them into action by building the pool that they dream of utilizing the best materials.

Pool Cleaning and Repair Charleston

We want to make sure that our clients have clean pools. We offer swimming pool maintenance and cleaning using our state-of-the-art cleaning materials.

Pool Renovations Charleston

Are you not that happy with your current swimming pool? Worry no more because Pool Builder Charleston aims to help clients with their pool needs. We do renovations to fit your liking.

Pool Supplies Charleston

Pool Builder Charleston offers the best and the suitable materials for your pool needs. We have experts in installing this equipment with ease to give you the best swimming pool setup at home.

Pool Decks Charleston

One of our expertise is building a high-quality pool deck. Pool Builder Charleston does not settle for mediocrity in choosing suitable materials and building the pool patio. We make sure that you are in a safe place where you can enjoy your pool.

Pool Covers Charleston

Pool Builder Charleston has hand-picked long-lasting pool covers for your needs. We install pool covers that match your pool and your patio. We also make sure that it is not high in maintenance to help you save your money and your time.

Pool Landscaping Charleston

It is with great pride that we introduce our landscaping service. Pool Builder Charleston ensures that the pool surroundings match your pool. We make sure that your pool gets the best and most personalized landscaping design.

Pool Demolition Charleston

If you have changed your mind about keeping your pool, we provide the professional services to demolish, tear down, and fill in old swimming pools.  

Pool Excavation Charleston

Pool Excavation Charleston will spare you some stress and costs in building a new pool. We have the skill, knowledge, and equipment to facilitate the excavation and construction of your in-ground pool.  






When you think about pools, you should think about Pool Builder Charleston.

Here at Pool Builder Charleston SC, we want to help our clients realize their envisioned swimming pool by giving them the best craftsmanship with the best materials.

We believe in these qualities for our clients:
1. Best Materials
2. Time-Bounded
3. Licensed
4. Great Craft

Our dream is to give people a wonderful experience as they take their time to relax in their swimming pools.

Why Choose us


We aim to please our clients. We make sure that the pool designs that they have in mind will be actualized. We also offer our advice for the pool and patio designs at no charge at all.


Pool prices have never been better with Pool Builder Charleston. You get the quality service for the quality pool of your dreams. The prices of our services are affordable.


Our team is made of pool builders experts
who are competent to do the
different services
offered above.


Our clients matter to us, so we also chose the best team for the services we are offering. We made sure that our team is composed of licensed experts in their fields. 


We aim not only to please our customers but also to be there for them when they need us. Our goal is to always listen to what our clients have to say about their experience with us.


We provide complete pool builders services within affordable cost having the best team, we never take any kind of extra charges for any of the services.


Clients Feedback

Karen M.

" I never regret choosing Pool Builder Charleston. The staff was experts at what they do. My pool renovation was perfect because of them. "

Nanette D.

" For the best pool services in Charleston, you should choose them. Their prices are highly affordable, and they are good at giving consultations before they get things done."

Tristan C.

" My children were so pleased with our new pool. They loved every bit of it. I am also happy with the patio because it is safe due to its non-slip materials. For parents out there, I highly suggest that you take the services of Pool Builder Charleston. "


The Bottom Line

With that in mind, pool builder Charleston is essential to any individual who may opt to think of having a pool space in their area because it is crucial to hire licensed people in the field. Therefore, through their skills, knowledge, and capabilities, rest assured that their work quality will always be top-notch.

Charleston Pool - Frequently Asked Questions

You have finalized the dimension of your pool but you may wonder, how much does a 12x24 inground pool cost in Charleston? An inground pool installation for example a small vinyl liner pool could range from $25,0000 (for the basics) and roughly $35,000 for additional features such as heating and fencing. However, this would depend on the type of installation and equipment to be used. A 12X24 fiberglass pool can cost between $40,0000 to $45,000, this would depend on the features that you want to be added and also the needs for your backyard area. For a concrete type using the same dimension may cost more than $40,000 and may sum up to close to $50,000.

Having your pool area would be an instant getaway for the summer but the question is, “how to maintain a pool in Charleston? “As a pool owner, it is a big responsibility to maintain its cleanliness. Some steps on how to maintain a pool:

  1. Remove the debris
  2. Set the Vacuum
  3. Vacuum the pool
  4. Adjust the chemical components
  5. Backwash the filter
  6. Clean pump filter
  7. Add chlorine to the system

Lastly, check the pool’s water level, refill if necessary if this shows less than half way up the skimmer well mouth.

You may have done a lot of research on what you need to know in getting a pool. But most often you would ask, “how much does it cost for an inground pool in Charleston?” To answer the question, this would depend on the type of pool, dimension and the people who would build the pool. For an inground pool it could cost from $25,000. However, the best way to get an estimated cost is to seek professional advice. From there, you can allocate the budget and check for financing options.

Having your own inground pool is such as a convenience since you can just plunge in anytime you want. But, what is the best type of inground swimming pool? Before doing the decision in purchasing the pool, check the three most popular types of inground pools.

  1. Concrete Pool - This is the most popular type of pool yet expensive. It is often called the Gunite of Shotcrete pools.
  2. Vinyl Pool - It is the second most popular type of inground pool. Each pool is made from a one piece flexible liner which fits into an excavated hole and attached to a steel or aluminum framed wall.
  3. Fiberglass Pool - This type of pool is factory molded into giant bowl shaped shells which are set to the excavated hole by a crane.

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