Did you know that swimming pools have gone high-tech? Learn how you can make your pool experience more enjoyable, entertaining, and safer with the latest pool technology.

Did you know that swimming pools have gone high-tech? Learn how you can make your pool experience more enjoyable, entertaining, and safer with the latest pool technology.

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Give Your Pool A Modern Touch with Pool Renovation Charleston SC

Owning a pool promises unlimited swimming and unlimited pool parties. However, it can be a handful to keep it in its top condition and presentable. Thanks to technology and innovation, though, maintaining a pool’s glory can be done in just one push of a button. With just a few gadgets and additions, you can avail yourself from Pool Renovation Charleston; now, you can enjoy a healthier and more attractive pool.

Enhance your pool with a Pool Automation System, Ozone and Ultraviolet (UV) Purification System, Heaters, Automatic Pool Cleaners, and Pool Alarms.

Pool Automation System

Pool Automation Systems allows you to control your pool’s features and function through a unit installed at your pool’s base equipment pad. This is also where the filters, pumps, and other systems are installed. Through a wall-mounted or wireless control pad, you can set schedules and make changes to your pool’s features. You can activate, deactivate, and put on autopilot features such as cleaning, lighting, purification, and many more. Depending on the brand and model of the system you get from Pool Renovation Charleston, you can enjoy up to 30 functions.

Ozone and Ultraviolet (UV) Purification System

With an Ozone and Ultraviolet (UV) Purification System, you can now keep your pool and pool water clean and safe without needing much chlorine. Though chlorine effectively destroys disease-causing bacteria and parasites in pool water, too much chlorine can cause skin irritation and itching, among others.

Ozone occurs naturally in the environment but can also be man-made. When combined with UV, it is much more effective than chlorine at killing microorganisms and disease-causing pathogens. In addition, Ozone and UV do not leave any byproducts, which make them a greener alternative.

Using the Ozone and UV Purification System from Pool Renovation Charleston, you can swim in pool water that is crystal-clear, sanitized, and gentle on the skin.

Automatic Pool Cleaners

You can now remove debris, leaves, and dirt with automatic pool cleaners that rove around your pool. Pool cleaners come in three categories: suction, pressure, and robotic. Choosing what is best for your pool depends on your backyard conditions. To know which one to get for your pool, you must consult with a pool contractor.

Pool Alarms

Pool Alarms are helpful for pool owners with kids and pets to prevent any drowning accidents. These devices can be attached to a wall, gate, fence, pool, or deck. Some are also available to be worn by children as bracelets or collars for dogs. The devices notify pool owners of any unexpected movement around and in your pool area.

Modernize your pool with Pool Renovation Charleston.

Pools equipped with aesthetic and safety-enhancing features provide the ultimate swimming experience. Update your pool with the most advanced pool technology in the market today. Call Pool Renovation Charleston on the number provided on this page for inquiries and schedule a consultation with a licensed pool contractor.

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