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Useful Tips for Pool Landscaping

  • As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to keep up with pool maintenance since regular care can prolong your pool's life. Sometimes, homeowners may feel obliged to boost their yard's appearance by investing in new landscaping projects. Pool Landscaping Charleston can elevate your outdoor and create an inviting oasis for your family and friends to enjoy and relax. More notably, landscape architecture includes more than just planting some attractive flowers and trees. Landscape architecture is a multi-aspect process of designing and planning outdoor space.

    When landscaping around swimming pools, you also have to consider privacy, safety, convenience, and beauty. For the best landscaping, contact Pool Landscaping Charleston.

Pick the Right Plant

Plants offer extraordinary beauty and privacy around your swimming pool. It helps soften the harsh lines of pool equipment that can compromise your pool's beauty and make your pool blend more naturally with the environment. Growing tall plants around the area will allow you to have more privacy, but you have to choose the plants wisely. Opt for low-maintenance plants to avoid working hard on maintaining your plants and pool. Avoid large deciduous trees and needle-bearing evergreens around your pool because they can cause a mess, and their leaves will fall into your pool, and you will end up fishing all of those leaves out of the pool. Instead, you may use broadleaf evergreen bush like Hetz Japanese holly to add privacy around your pool. Also, avoid fruit trees as they are messy, and fruits attract bees. If you want to have flowers around your pool or yard, keep in mind that they are bee-magnets too. They may make your yard more beautiful but are you willing to risk a bee sting? Also, avoid plants with an invasive root system as they can damage your pool eventually. Choose the kinds of plants that you can plant around your septic tank without damaging the structure. 


 Mess-Free Plants

 Experts recommend some plants with thorns as they are somehow mess-free. But do not grow thorny plants on areas you will be walking, including the spot where you enter and exit from the pool, to avoid getting poked by sharp thorns. You may grow them in areas where there is less human activity, such as on the side of a large pool. Thorny plants are not ideal for small pools as they do not have enough space.

 It is also an excellent idea to grow a mix of foliage plants and flowering plants in your yard. The foliage will provide visual interest when the flowers peter out on one plant. However, if you do not want to attract bees to your pool area, you can stick with foliage plants.


 Plants can either make your pool landscaping beautiful or messy. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the right one that can be ideal for your pool area. Experts from Pool Landscaping Charleston can give insights on which plant may be perfect for you.


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