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Depending on the project’s magnitude, most pool projects take between 8 and 12 weeks to complete. Yet, several factors, like the time of year you plan to build, might influence the length of time it takes to construct your pool. You may have to wait longer than expected to enjoy your new custom pool if you wait until the busy summer season. So you have decided to go ahead and build a poolside for your home—pun intended. Installing a pool can take as little as two weeks or as much as two months or more, depending on the sort of pool you choose. You must account for contractor timeframes in addition to the actual project construction. The majority of reputable contractors are scheduled weeks or months in advance. Custom Pool Builders Charleston discusses a few essential timelines while setting realistic expectations:


Before breaking ground, it can take anywhere from one to eight weeks to finalize your swimming pool design and secure the necessary permits, depending on the project’s magnitude. You and your pool designer will most likely spend a significant amount of time constructing the ideal pool design for your backyard getaway. Permits are primarily out of your hands. Your local permit office determines the length of time it takes for the licenses to be processed. A standard pool permit is usually given within a week, but it could take much longer if bespoke auxiliary buildings or outdoor constructions are involved.


When it comes to inground pools, excavation is a must. The time it takes to excavate depends on the depth of your pool, the ease of access, and other factors, including excavation requirements for different project components like patios, retaining walls, and accessory building base prep.


Pool builders will need to dig trenches into routing the plumbing and electrical lines once the earth has been excavated. They will install the pool's circuitry, including hydro lines to connect the pool's equipment and any cables needed to outdoor power lights, landscape lighting, and fixtures at this step. Plumbing connections are also run to link the pool pump to any pools, spas, or water features included in the project.


Custom Pool Builders Charleston stresses that the length of time it takes to install a pool shell depends on the type of material you choose. Pre-assembled fiberglass pools are available. A custom fiberglass pool may be erected and pipes connected in a day after the excavation is completed. The vinyl-on-steel pool is built on-site. Pool kits are riveted together, and reinforcing is installed on the outside of the pool, including the pool walls, pool floor concrete, pool deck, and the pool's plumbing walls. Custom pools made of concrete take the longest to construct. Gunite pools can take up to eight weeks to install, from structure to rebar to concrete pouring and setting to surface finishing.

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We work closely with you from the initial consultation to the design and building of your backyard retreat to achieve genuinely magnificent results. Custom Pool Builders Charleston offers custom water features and inground spas, as well as a complete backyard design and landscaping service to ensure that your pool blends in with its environment.

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