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Many homeowners tend to follow trends during a certain season. Summer is the season that calls for building a pool. Because of this, most homeowners take it to themselves to build their own pools instead of consulting with the experts. Although some pools can be built, it mostly lasts for a short period of time. Charleston Pool Builder knows exactly what pool is the best for your home and will help build it for you just in time for the summer!


The process all starts with the survey of your home. Charleston Pool Builder evaluates the whole area and checks if there is ample space for your pool and what type of pool best suits your home. If the home is in the clear, our team also assures that the installation of the pool in your home follows your neighborhood guidelines when it comes to construction. Once all the inspections and evaluations are done, the project pushes on.

Based on the pool size and type, the work may take months to finish. Although some pools need a shorter time to be built, Charleston Pool Builder makes sure that the project schedule has been plotted well. The schedule is open for the homeowner to see which helps in tracking the progress of the project. This also allows the homeowner to pitch in some ideas that they want rendered on their pool.

If the pool is an inground pool, the excavation happens first. After the excavation, the systems that are involved in making your pool work will be installed next. These systems are the ones that would make your lighting, water features, filter and so on; possible. Steel would be laid out for the pipes and electrical wirings would be fixed and organized properly for the safe usage of these amenities. According to your preference (fiberglass, vinyl, concrete etc.), the pool will then be installed. After this, the waiting game for the installation to cure ensues. During this time; landscaping, installation of the deck and adding custom features would commence.Once everything is set, your pool will definitely be summer ready

This process would differ if the pool you choose is an above ground pool. Instead of an excavation, Charleston Pool Builder will find the perfect spot in your yard to install the pool. There is no digging needed since the pool is lifted on the ground by supporting frames or poles. This pool type takes a shorter time to install and is ideal to have in homes with a smaller yard. The longevity of above ground pools rely on how often homeowners maintain the pool. Above ground pools are also known to be portable. If you need to move around a lot, bringing your pool with you will not be a problem. No matter the type or the size, Charleston Pool Builder is absolutely equipped with the right skills for above ground pool installation.


We are just a call away! Call Charleston Pool Builder for a quote. Do not hesitate to ask your questions about the services we offer or about pools in general. We will be more than happy to satisfy you with a very impressive pool building plan. Tell us your thoughts and ideas and we will make your dream pool possible. Summers will always be fun and memorable, thanks to Charleston Pool Builder.

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